The Trip That Changed It All: Changed Us

When the time had come for us to leave, I didn't want to. How could I leave this sky? these signs that were so foreign to a southern California girl...On our way out of Jackson, my husband and I stopped at a local coffee shop to fuel our energy before the long, 2 day drive. As he was looking through the paper, he started pointing out different job openings and house rentals as a joke... but that's when it hit us... we could live here if we wanted. We had the option. So exciting and scary all at once.

And so we left with the renewed hope that we'd be back. We took a different route home that was much more beautiful than our drive there.

Entering Idaho... I love my husband :)Somewhere by the border of Utah and Idaho... we drove by this lake full of sailboats. I felt like we were somewhere in the CaribbeanOur drive through Utah was gorgeous. It's really one of the most beautiful states... from Monument Valley to the lush, green mountains- it's inspiringI especially loved all the rain and thunderstorms we hitThis is right by Zion National Park- one of my most favorite national parks everAnd the Virgin Gorda- through here and a little ways down is Vegas- and in there the drive turns from absolutely beautiful to not so pretty- and thus the pictures end.
When Danny and I drove into our city later the next day, I realized I was no longer home. I tried to look at our city as an outsider would, somebody visiting for the first time- and I couldn't see the appeal... for us that is. This was not where I wanted to live. And so over the next few months we thought and prayed over what to do. We went back and forth... because leaving everyone and everything you know is a very big thing. We wanted to make sure we weren't being foolish and that we weren't trying to escape the reality of "grown up" life.
But in the end, we realized this was the right thing for us to do. We would go on a grand adventure together and move to Wyoming. We would live consciously and with purpose. And we would go together. And now 1 year later, we are making the move. It took longer than we expected, but we did it, and I cannot wait. :)
Have you ever gone on a trip that changed you in some way or another? Where is your dream location to live?
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  1. I think it's absolutely amazing of you two to follow what feels right and make the move. My parents grew up in Wyoming so we still visit often. It really doesn't get much more beautiful in my opinion! I'll be anxious to follow your journey!

  2. Wow. So excited for you. Please keep us up on your adventures!!

  3. so exciting! I would LOVE to take a trip like this--the pictures are so gorgeous.

    I am forever a Bay Area girl and can't see myself living anywhere else. But every few months I really crave a good road trip.

  4. These photos are glorious. They really make me want to take a long visit out west someday.
    My husband and I have taken to planning our own summer road-trips throughout The South. With family scattered throughout and a dog we like to take with us, it's our perfect vacation style. Sometimes we think about moving to the places we've been, but really we just adore our (transplanted) home town. You're so right that when the place you live no longer feels like home when you come back from a long time away, it's time to think about starting something new.
    Congratulations on finding that place!

  5. Beautiful pictures and places! My husband and I have driven cross-country many times, and each time we are always so impressed with how amazing and glorious our country is. Best of luck with the new adventure! What an exciting time for you guys!

  6. I'm so excited for you two :)
    P.S. I've been on that stretch in AZ (the last pic) before on our way back from St George, visiting Jason's Mom

  7. Love love love the pics! You're totally convincing me to go camping!

  8. WOW! That is so awesome. I think I am like you and absolutely love that scenery, rain, etc. Recently we have really been wanting to get out of CA, and I can't wait until we actually do that and live somewhere better!

  9. That is so exciting. I envy you because I don't think I would have the guts to just move to a different state like that. Good luck to the three of you (including your dog of course)

  10. Kari- what part of Wyoming did your parents grow up in? That's so awesome that you get to visit so often!

    Sugar- Thanks so much! I definitely will... I see some fun and interesting blog posts coming from our adventure there ;)

    Kelly- I Love that you love where you live. That's exactly what we're going for. :)

    Lindsey- Road tripping around the South sounds like so much fun! There's so much history there- and like you two- we find it the perfect way to travel with the dog

    Carly- that's so awesome that you two have driven across the country multiples times! We've still only driven half way across, but it's on our list of things to do! You must have some great pictures!

    Ali- St. George is so beautiful! My family and I used to always stop their for ice cream or forgotten gear on our way up to go snowboarding in Brianhead :)

    Charis- I'm sure you're so busy with all the wedding planning- but once you have time you two should totally go! It's just so relaxing and peaceful

    Alyssa- yes! we are definitely alike in that way! Where do you two want to move?

    Bianca- awhh thanks for including Mav in that! :)

  11. If I've said it before, I'll say it again - I love reading your posts and the ones about your trip always get me dreaming up my own road trip. Good luck on your move!

  12. jduck84: awh thanks so much! That means a lot. And it's great to see you on here! :)

  13. I'm totally behind since I've been gone for what seems like month...where did you guys decide to move? I think it's awesome that you are just picking up and moving. I wish we could do that sometimes. :)

  14. I never comment on your blog (but stalk it regularly:)) but all these gorgeous pictures representing my home state made me. That lake you saw between Idaho and Utah is Bear Lake. It's so beautiful!! I love it up there. When you go in the summer, all the sail boats are docked up together. It's so fun to look at. I love these road trip posts. It's so romantic!

  15. M and C: We're moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming at the beginning of next month! Right under Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons! :)

    Shelby: Which of these is your home state? And thanks so much for the clarification on Bear Lake- we were blown away when we saw it- the entire area is so gorgeous!

  16. Shelby: you lucky lady! It's one of my favorite states to explore in


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