The Trip That Changed It All: Relaxing Getaway Becomes Spontaneous Road Trip

Our trip was proving to be just what we had hoped for: Absolutely, 100% Relaxing

The weather was wonderful
And we basically had the whole place to ourselvesDanny was catching fish left and rightAnd using live worms! He pretended to eat some to gross me out even more than I already was ;)But it was beautiful. Danny was in his mecca. I was reading Agatha Christie novels like an 80 year old woman, and enjoying every minute of it. It was heavenBut then that night around the campfire, we started talking about places we want to go. One of my life goals is to see every national park... and that's when Yellowstone came up. He'd gone. I hadn't and wanted to. I pulled out the map and while a long drive, I still thought we could fit it into our trip. Decision time: Keep Relaxing where we were for the rest of the week... or go on a crazy adventure that could either turn out disastrous or amazing?

Seeing my crazy, excited brain spinning, Danny suggested we sleep on it. And if I still wanted to go in the morning, we'd pack up and go.

Fast Forward to morning time, I'm sitting in my chair, enjoying my good 'ol Fruit Loops thinking... and maybe it was the Toucan... but something told me to go for it.
So when my husband popped his head out of the tent that morning and saw that I'd already packed everything up, he gave me that face like, "I must love you woman because you are crazy."We said goodbye to the trees...To our favorite campsite in the world... Goodbye River... Goodbye Bear lockers... Goodbye sweet little relaxing spotAnd we set off for Wyoming...We reached northern Nevada first... and oh God... that was the longest, most uneventful drive ever. Just dirt forever...The drive turned out to be MUCH longer than I had planned. We pulled into Idaho at night and still were a couple hours out from the campsite I saw on the map.The tail end of this long drive was getting questionable. We were driving through dark, dark fields on a two lane highway. There were no gas stations. No other people driving. Nothing. What did I get us into?!

When we finally pulled into the campsite, it was around 2am and we'd been driving over 13 hours! Sorry love!

I wanted to kiss the ground, but then I changed my mind... because the ground was lava rock... and I was in Idaho. What?

We woke up the next morning to this... And this... I thought Idaho was green and pretty. You can't grow potatoes in lava rock!Did I just take my husband from his happy green, fishing trip to see this?

Stay tuned for more... :)


  1. So fun. I've never been to Yellowstone before, so I am living through you. Can't wait for more.

  2. Love it! the hubby and i camp at least every couple of months around FLorida. It is so relaxing and fun. I unplug and he unplugs (he is always unplugged). If you ever come down South - I have a few suggestions!

  3. Idaho is GREAT! It's a different kind of beauty for sure. My hubs and I are hoping to move to the Pocatello area after we move to Jackson for the summer. Jackson Hole has some of the same weird high desert area as well, as I'm sure you found out, since it looks like you are headed there in your next post! It's a gorgeous place. I met my husband there in 2006, and I'm way excited to go back for the summer!!! And maybe see a BEAR this time!!!!

  4. Wow, that's awesome! I wish I was on your trip :) I am totally cracking up at the picture of your tent there at the end, hahaahah.

  5. Cliff hanger! Can't wait to see more! The scenery (maybe not so much in Idaho) is beautiful. And I ate Fruit Loops by the serving bowl-full as a child. You just brought back memories. Did you mix it with Capt'n Crunch? Just wondering.

  6. I can't WAIT to read more of this! I have always wanted to do that--pack up, get in the car and drive somewhere far and amazing. You guys are such an amazing and adventurous couple of people! These are such gorgeous pictures. (Even of Idaho!) Can't wait to see how everything turns out.

  7. Sugar- it's so incredibly beautiful! I'll be posting lots of photos for you to see :)

    Pamwares- I love that you two camp so often! And I'm definitely going to take you up on that offer if we ever come down South.

    Jessica- Believe me- once we left Crater of the Moon National Monument (where we camped) we saw how absolutely gorgeous Idaho is! I'll be posting on that next :)

    Alyssa- When Danny had to set up our tent at 2am on tiny pumice stones we were very... concerned :)

    Creature- I LOVE fruit loops! I didn't mix it with the captain- it was just a special 'find the gold edition' or something like that... hhmmmm... I might go eat some fruit loops right now

    Kelly- Go! I totally recommend it. Danny and I have so much fun on road trips together... just make sure to have lots of snacks and good music :)


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