The Trip That Changed It All: Yellowstone

On our second day in Wyoming, we made our way over to Yellowstone National Park. Little nugget of information for you: Yellowstone was the first national park and expands into 3 states (Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho).

Here I am in front of the sign... We visited in early May so there was still a lot of snow throughout different areas of the park.Old Faithful InnI know you can't tell with the dinky old camera I used, but the interior is nothing short of absolutely amazing. I highly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance. And here's Old Faithful spouting off. We watched from the deck of the Inn.There are hot springs everywhere in Yellowstone.

The area just past here was closed because many of the bears had just finished hibernating and the area had become more of a feeding grounds... we were more than happy to stay outBison were everywhere! Seriously around

SINGLE.CORNER.This guy was blocking all oncoming traffic. We were lucky to be going the opposite way :) And when we got up next to him, we saw he was protecting his baby calf on the other side... so maybe the he was a she (if you look closely you can see the little baby bison feet).The scenery at Yellowstone is also gorgeous. If my little point and shoot from a couple years ago can capture vistas like this- just imagine what a nice camera could doIn 1988, five fires burned down 793, 880 acres of the park. The worst of the five, burning more than 410,00 acres was started from a discarded cigarette. You can see the sticks of timber throughout Yellowstone. Fortunately, it's slowly growing back.We had so much fun trying to spot animals in the wilderness. Danny's way better than me. He can spot celebrities, hidden animals, Waldo... me? Not so much. Can you find the hidden animal in this shot?And in this one?Just as we were leaving we came across this grizzly. The ranger was there to make sure no one went near. Apparently this bear had been beaten up by another bear :(

If you have the means, plan a trip to Yellowstone. The park entrance fee is only $25 per car load or you can purchase an $80 annual pass that's good for all national parks. I purchase an annual pass every year even if I don't get the chance to go- just because it's a cause near and dear to my heart. Plus... it kind of motivates us to get out of the house and go on road trips... old school :)


  1. Those are really beautiful pictures! I've been dying to go to Yellowstone for a while now, just never found the perfect time.

  2. Glad you are enjoying Yellowstone! My family has a place just north of Gardiner in Paradise Valley...I've been spending my summer vacations up there since I was is my home away from home! I love that my children will get to experience the same beauty as they grow up!!!

  3. Oh, that looks so amazing. That inn was incredible! Sigh, I can't even tell you how much these posts are making me feel all kinds of wanderlust. can't wait to hear how all of this sparked your decision to quit your jobs and move across the country! :) love this series.

  4. Beautiful!! Bummer you couldn't venture past Old Faithful, the springs are incredibly beautiful around there. I have a picture of one of the springs here:

    It's towards the end of the post. I think it's Grand Prismatic Spring, but now I'm not so sure.... Should take more care to label my pictures!

  5. So amazingly beautiful! I've never been! I agree with Kelly, your posts are inspiring wanderlust!

  6. Wow! Those pictures are beautiful! (Yup, it's Miss CW from the 'Bee, checking in on our gorgeous Mrs. Espresso!) :) You have just inspired me to put this trip on my To-Do list! Glad you're doing so well!

  7. Chloe and P- definitely make time to go- you won't regret it. I think it should go down as a required road trip location :)

    Ang and Matt- you are so lucky! What an amazing spot to have annual summer vacations! That'll be me soon though ;)

    Kelly- thanks so much! Visiting the Jackson Hole area just moved us in so many ways... and now it's going to literally move us :)

    Jessica- we were actually able to go past Old Faithful but we just couldn't hike back by the hot springs and go on the bridges like we wanted to. But I don't remember seeing the actual spring you're talking about... have to make sure and do that this summer! :)

    Chicken Wing- so glad to see you on here! You're so awesome! Thanks for stopping by and keep me updated on how everything is going! :)

  8. I went there once as a kid, we travelled a lot by motorhome when I was a kid, before my parents separated. It's sooo beautiful there! I would love to go back some day.

  9. Frau Guten Tag: ah you're so lucky! I always wanted to travel by motorhome! Someday... :)


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