What Began as Easter Cookies...

A couple weeks ago, I bought an assortment of cookie cutters for $2 at an estate sale. So after my friend and I had cut out our fair share of bunnies and flowers... we decided to start adding in other holidays too.

So what began as Easter cookies, quickly became this... (Notice the Gingerbread man's hand has already been bit off :)
We celebrated Spring...Thanksgiving... Valentine's Day...And my favorite... the Easter donkey


  1. I love the donkey lol and the missing hand on the gingerbread man. I made cupcakes and ate way too many myself :\

  2. I could see the donkey for Palm Sunday.... Easter is a bit funny :)

    Where are you on your move? We're in Idaho/Chicago for the next month and then in Jackson. Moving is so anxiety-filled for me!! Hope it's going well for you!

  3. Your post just made me literally laugh out loud... I could totally see myself doing that :P

  4. ha that donkey is hilarious. now i want cookies and its not even noon here!

  5. That last one could also be an Easter French Bulldog.

  6. Bianca- mmmm cupcakes... maybe I'll do those next

    Jessica- we're almost there! We'll be heading out the first week of May- don't know which day yet though. And how are you in both Idaho and Chicago?

    Shelby- I think we would get along great then! lol

    charms- I think we're just going to keep making eachother hungry with our posts :)

    Mer- ahh... very true... are french bulldogs more of an Easter animal? :)


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