The Trip That Changed It All: The Road to Wyoming is an Obstacle Course

We left our lava rock campsite, which we found out later was named, "Crater of the Moon National Monument", and set out for our destination. After we got through a traffic jam (in the middle of nowhere on a two lane highway!) that set us over an hour behind... we finally started to see how pretty Idaho really was. And just as we were getting in the groove and getting to the border of Idaho... we got pulled over by a state trooper! We had been behind a SUV going below the speed limit for a very long time and right when a passing lane opened up and Danny sped up to pass them- a state trooper passed us on the opposite side of the road, turned around, and pulled us over. And when he asked us why we were so far away from home... and we told him about our exciting adventure- he proceeded to tell us how bad of an idea our trip was because Wyoming wasn't beautiful. It was boring. The fishing wasn't good, etc... Did someone have an ex in Wyoming or what?!

Danny sadly holding his ticket

So the traffic jam was back (we found out this is when they repair all the roads from the snow damage)... but we didn't care. Because we had this beautiful view of Idaho... and the cop was behind us the entire time... so going 5mph was just fine. Just get us to Wyoming!
We finally made it to Wyoming! YAY!!! Here's Danny doing his Wyoming hunter stance...The mountains were still covered in snow. And here we are with our "So happy to be in Wyoming!" faces. We made it!So we started heading down the mountain...And entered the town of Jackson... I swear it's the wilderness version of Corona Del Mar- a charming, upscale, small town with gourmet grocery stores and organic coffee shops (which of course I visited!)

Danny made sure we made our way over to the famous fly fishing store Jack Dennis'And then we just walked around the town. There's a small park in the middle of the town. Elk antlers (which were naturally shed) are stacked into an arch at the entrances. I fell in love with this town walking around the boutique shops, hotels, and restaurants. The following day they had a huge farmers market and BBQ out here... LOVE
Up Next: We start visiting some National Parks!


  1. Welcome! I'm in Cheyenne and so in a very different part of the state but I hope you enjoy your time here!

  2. Oh this makes me miss Jackson so much!!! If you go again, Teton Thai is some of the yummiest Thai food around. I think it's BYOB too, with all outside seating. It's delish. And Jackson has some of the best thrift stores I've ever been to, period. I can't wait to go back! Thanks for sharing all of this, it makes me very nostalgic and is a great way to start a Monday!

  3. I think we have gotten a speeding ticket on every spontaneous road trip we have taken! It must be something about all the excitement :)

  4. Brandi, this is one of my favorite blog series ever! The pictures are so gorgeous. Idaho is so gorgeous. So is Wyoming! I feel like I'm living vicariously through you. This guy I used to be in love with moved from the Bay Area to Jackson Hole (is that the same as Jackson? I feel like it went by different names--also, Teton Village) when we were younger and I always so, so, so badly wanted to go see it. I still do. Can't wait to read more!

  5. looks like an amazing vacation!

  6. CaitStClair: Thank- you!! I've heard good things about the Cheyenne and hope to visit eventually

    Jessica: We're moving here soon so I can't wait to try Teton Thai! And yay about the thrift shops- I had no idea! Can't wait to check these out

    Krista- I like your positive spin on speeding tickets :)

    Kelly- Thanks so much!! Jackson Hole refers to the valley that contains the towns of Jackson, Teton Village, and a few other towns

    Bel- it definitely was!


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