Wishful Wednesday

A few times each week, my best girlfriend and I will send each other a wishful text. For example, on Easter she sent me a text wishing me three things all having to do with chocolate (since Lent was up and I was eating everything chocolate in site). Sometimes our wishes are awesome... other times we're too busy trying to rhyme or start all words with the same letter and so they come out.... sort of strange. But every time I look down at my phone and see a new one, I feel an excitement for the day- like it may actually include far off lands, fairies, and Fleetwood Mac :)

So today dear readers, I wish you a day full of:

Delectable Desserts...
Colorful Balloons...
And Designer Pink Beach Cruisers
All images from here
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love that bike! How fun. I gave up sweets for lent too and have since done my fair share of inhalling : )

  2. Caitlin- lol inhaling is the perfect word :)

  3. I love this post!!! I wish you best friend a merry day of babys, bananas, and bribes!!!

  4. Chris- babies, bananas and bribes?! Do I want that sort of day? hahahaha Are babies bribing people with bananas?


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