Canadian Honeymoon: Hello Tofino

Last we left off we were battling the elements on our way to TofinoBecause we knew the drive would be long, Danny suggested stopping at a Best Buy in the last big city we saw to stock up on cds. Because what's a road trip without music right?

Press Play for some background music while you travel along with us:

And we were off... Driving through the rain....In a place completely foreign and beautiful to us...And before we knew it, we were in TofinoTofino is a charming and quaint fishing town located in the western center of Vancouver Island. This place is seriously straight out of a Nicholas Spark's novel.

We lunched at a cute little place called Schooner Restaurant.And then explored around the town a little moreThe air just embodied the word "crisp"Even their shipping yards look clean and prettyThe first time I heard of Tofino I was interning over at Quiksilver Headquarters. We had a surf camp here and I always enjoyed looking at the photos from their spot. I made sure to take a photo when we drove by for old time's sake :) The actual town of Tofino can be explored in less than a day, but there's plenty more to do around this part of the island...which is why I think this spot is great if you're looking for a relaxing honeymoon/ getaway
Up Next: We explore the surrounding area


  1. Wow. Now I really want to go. Love the soundtrack!!

  2. Vancouver is definitely our next Canada trip, we'll have to go here too :)

  3. omg, I desperately want to go there! It's gorgeous!

  4. so glad you liked tofino!
    i'm from vancouver and don't get to tofino nearly enough, but love it!

  5. Yes I highly recommend taking a stop over in Tofino- even if it is a little out of the way- definitely worth it


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