Canadian Honeymoon: The Allure of Tofino

On our second day in Tofino, Mr. Espresso and I explored around the island. It was our first day with no rain and the air just smelled so clean. So we jumped in our white Pontiac rental and started driving down random roads to see where they would lead us. Here is one such road :)

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Exploring a new area with the person you love is an unforgettable experience. Because the memories you make and the places you see, are created, shared and stored within each other.

Mr. E is my favorite person. Besides being super sexy and incredibly kind, he also makes me laugh non- stop. Our honeymoon was no exception. Here he is leading me (with crazy faces) into the wildernessI honestly cannot brag enough about the beauty of this part of the island. Ocean and tree filled mountains in every direction...As we were on our way back to the hotel after hiking, Mr E spotted this furry and tiny creature on the side of the road. Her fur was mangled with stickers and she was in much need of some water. So we coaxed her into the backseat of our car and gave her some much needed food and water. We then left her in very good hands at the ranger station. Here she is trying to claw up the seats of the rental car ;)After the kitten rescue, we headed back to our hotel for some R&R. We stayed at the Long Beach Lodge Resort. The Great Room here was beautiful...We loved relaxing in here after a long day of exploring. Here's Mr. E checking out the wine list for usThe Great Room also has a balcony attached where guests can venture out and smell the sea air. Here we are right before leaving to get ready for dinner at the Wickaninnish Inn. The Wickaninnish is a very beautiful (and expensive) hotel in Tofino. I highly recommend having dinner there at least once. The view is gorgeous during the day and at night it's incredibly romantic. Check out this link here for a view of the dining room.The next day we packed our bags and headed out to our next destination in Ucluelet. On our way, we stopped and checked out some of the different beachesMiles of coastline with barely anyone there...There is also tons of beautiful driftwood that comes in with the tideAnd it all backs up to the dense, lush forest. What more could we ask for?

Up Next: We explore Ucluelet and Victoria


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