The Trip That Changed It All: First Stop: Eastern Sierras

The Trip That Changed It All didn't start out as that. We were just planning on going on a simple camping trip up near Yosemite.

So we Packed up all our gear...

Dropped off Maverick at Grandma's...
And set out. Yay! Happy "We're Going on Vacation!" facesIf you haven't been to the eastern Sierra's they're gorgeousThis is where we camped our first night- Convict Lake The view out our tent... Seriously- who couldn't get used to seeing that every morningThe family next to us leaving to go get some breakfast...The next day we traveled past June Lake...Past Mono Lake...And pass the town of Bridgeport in the hopes of finding our favorite campsite empty...And it was! Danny and I love this site because of the river that streams along side of it. He goes fishing and I just sit and relax in the beautiful wilderness.Plus it's in the middle of a bunch of trees and all secluded.
While I was sitting by the fire and reading a book, some of the locals even came by to say hello :)

Danny and I take this trip every year to just sit back and relax. But Up Next... I start getting an itch to travel


  1. MAGNIFICENT. The mountains and sky and wildlife. It's all breathtaking!!! I love this annual ritual of yours!!!

  2. This makes me want to go camping. And I should probably mention that I am NOT in anyway a person that camps.

  3. Wow, that is absolutely stunning. Soooo gorgeous. what a great tradition!

  4. Oh my goodness, those pictures are gorgeous! I've never been camping, but this post makes me want to go!

  5. Awww, how fun and pretty! I miss Mammoth!

  6. Creature and Kelly- it's so beautiful up there! I literally cannot stop taking pictures because everything is so gorgeous... and then the pictures don't even do it justice

    Holly and Lauralou- Camping is so much fun! I love having that time with Danny where there's no cell phones, internet, tv- it's just us two and so romantic and relaxing

    Alyssa- I miss mammoth too! And Schat's Bakery! mmmm!


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