Canadian Honeymoon: First Stop- Brentwood Bay

When we flew into Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, it was night time. We were in a foreign country, on an island, on our honeymoon, and I instructed us to take the wrong turn. Even though Geography was my major.... sometimes I'm not so good with the directions :)

We wandered around for about an hour, but then stopped at a gas station for directions (my idea) and found out we needed to backtrack... a lot. Eventually we stumbled across our hotel though and it was beautiful. We stayed the first night of our Honeymoon Road Trip at Brentwood Bay Lodge and Spa. I stalked this 5 star luxury boutique hotel for months on the internet waiting for a deal. And then my sleepless nights paid off, I found a deal on Expedia offering an ocean suite room for $150 (they regularly go for $329 during that season).

Our room faced beautiful Brentwood BayI loved sitting on our patio that morning thinking back on our wedding and excited about the trip ahead of us.

The room was great as well, although very messy in these pictures. We had a bathtub with shutters that opened up into the room... A fireplace...And here's our very messy room. I really liked the earthy, simple decor of the hotel.Before we left the hotel we had asked the concierge for some restaurant recommendations. We stopped at one along the river for lunch. It was so beautiful with floor to ceiling windows facing the river. Here we are posing in front of a random totem pole :)And then we were on our way to our next destination: TofinoTofino is about a five and a half hour drive from Brentwood Bay- and then factor in eating stops, sightseeing, etc... and you have at least 6 hours until you get there.
We didn't mind though, the view was absolutely gorgeous. And we thought driving the distance would be a great way to experience a lot of Vancouver Island that we otherwise would have flown over.Plus it was my favorite kind of weatherAfter about 2 hours of driving, most of the drive became mountain roads. Nonstop pine trees in every direction... it was gorgeous

Up Next: We arrive in Tofino


  1. That hotel is gorgeous! Looks like a great honeymoon spot!

  2. Can't wait for the next stop!

  3. Gah, I'm still pulling for a honeymoon on Tofino! Can't wait to see your pictures (and share them with my international-travel-resistant fiance).

  4. This is starting. Honeymoon and life is too long journey. We should enjoy it always. This is really starting of life only.


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