Weekend Mountain Wedding: This is Goodbye

(Attn: This is a goodbye from my post on Weddingbee... I will still be posting here :) And for any of you visiting for the first time from the hive- Welcome! I'm excited to see you here!)

Wow... I can't believe that this is my last post for Weddingbee. I've been writing here since June 2008 but I can tell you it's gone by fast... zoomed by actually.

Hive, I've been incredibly blessed by your company, by your words of advice and comfort, and by your comments. You definitely know how to make a girl feel a part of something special. You've encouraged me through tough times. Been there and congratulated me on one of the absolute best days of my life. And then listened to me write about it sporadically for the last year and a half :) Thank- you from the bottom of my heart.

I'll still pop in from time to time, but for the most part I'll now be focusing solely on our next Grand Adventure. I know some of you said you wanted to follow along with us- so go ahead and feel free to visit me often over at my personal blog: Silver Pencils. I'd love to see some familiar faces :)

So let's get to it. My last Weekend Mountain Wedding Recap: The Grand Exit

Press Play to listen to "Our" other song as you read along:

Around 7 pm, we decided it was dark (and cold!) enough to finally leave. So we started to say goodbye to our family and friends.

And then they all lined a long path from the reception area to the limo. Brian turned on, Shut Us Down by Lindsey Buckingham- a song we chose (the lyrics obviously in no way go with our departure but we both love that song). Then Mr. Espresso grabbed my hand, and we started to run.
Oh the excitement! Definitely a highlight from our wedding... although I think I saw that with every post ;) But come on! I loved our wedding!Mr. E with his baseball cap and me in my coatWhen we reached the limo... we ran into Mr. E's mom. His parents had surprised us with the limo. We had gone over budget and were planning on driving down the mountain ourselves. It was so nice that we could just sit back and enjoy ourselves on the long ride from Big Bear to Newport.Everyone who was in the exit line ran up to us to say goodbye just one more time when they saw that we'd stopped. I love this picture of my dad hugging me as my brother stands behind himMr. E hugging both my brother and sister. I'm so blessed to be in love with a man who loves my family just as much as I doHugging my beautiful new sister in lawAnd then we jumped in the limo...and said goodbye one last time.My new husband kissed me...Our guests waved goodbye...And we were off... off to our honeymoon... off to the next chapter of our lives. And it's been more than I could have hoped for. I love my husband. He's my best friend. The person who still continues to make me laugh ever day and who's kisses still make me melt. We're a normal couple who argues, fights, and makes up. But we love each other completely and never give up. I wish you all the same and more.Thank- you again for all of your love and support hive. I will miss each and every one of you.


  1. I already posted on the WB, but you'll be so missed around the hive! Yours was such a beautiful and sweet wedding! I'm glad I found your personal blog so I can keep up with you!

  2. I'm so glad I'll still be able to follow you here! :)

  3. I adored your wedding. And of course, I'll still be following you here!!

  4. Question!
    I loooooove the dress your flowergirl wore. Any idea where I could scoop it up (or one similar?)

    I like that's it's so understated but still beautiful - and not your traditional flower girl dress.

  5. Awwhhhh... you ladies are so wonderful! :) I love you all!

    Lauren- thanks so much! I spent more time looking for our flower girl dress than I did my own. It's from a company called Monsoon in the UK- they have AMAZING dresses and even more amazing prices! But they don't ship to the US... so I don't know if you should tease yourself and look :) But I fell in love with them and searched for their dress on ebay for over 6 months I think before I found one. Good Luck on your search! I hope it's way easier than mine was! :)


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