Headed to Cupcakes Anonymous

So last week I decided to make some Devil's Food Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, and this weekend... I ate 6! Ah! 6! But I couldn't help it... and they were smaller... and really really good.

Take a look for yourself at just a few of the many we errrr... I consumed ;)

Valentine Pink with rainbow dots Lavendar with rainbow dotsThen I whipped up some blue frosting for my original baking intention...Making Shark Cupcakes for my husband! Ever since I saw these in the Martha Stewart Cupcakes Book I knew I had to try these. Danny loves sharks so I cut out some shark fins out of navy cardstock and placed them on top.And then I used the leftover blue frosting to make some more with rainbow dots... because I just Love them.

Anybody else addicted to cupcakes?


  1. I LOVE me some cupcakes too! You have to try the magnolia cupcake recipe on foodnetwork - its ridiculous!

  2. I just bought four red velvet cupcakes from STARBUCKS of all places last night. So, yes, I'm addicted. And I want a shark cupcake. Stat.

  3. yes - i'm addicted. my grandfather used to buy them for me when I visited in the summers. I used to love the little plastic ballerina on top! so girly and yummy!

  4. even with all the crazy cupcakes i see these days, i'm a sucker for the old-fashioned ones like these

  5. Those shark fins are too adorable!
    P.S. I'm addicted to cupcakes too, I made some for Super Bowl and the only reason I haven't eaten the leftovers is b/c I haven't been home ;-)

  6. mmmmm. these are so pretty! i bet they tasted as good as they looked. i am addicted to sugar. terrible, really. just made myself some almond cake. oh boy.

  7. charms- I heard those are amazing! But I didn't know the recipe was on foodnetwork- totally making those next!

    Mrs HC- How were they? I've been wanting to try those myself.

    Pamwares- a little plastic ballerina? that sounds so girly and fun... that's a cute idea to start getting fun little trinkets to put on top

    Justin- me too- they're just so homey :)

    Ali- you're a smart woman. Stay away! No good can come from it... except momentary pure delight ;)

    Ann Marie- I've never had almond cake- that sounds amazing! I want some with my coffee right now

  8. I love me some cupcakes! So much so that my fiance and I are doing cupcakes instead of a wedding cake.

  9. Audrey- we felt the same way! And if your guests are anything like ours- they'll love them!


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