Today... I Give Up Chocolate

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Today is Wednesday, February 17th, Ash Wednesday, the Beginning of Lent. I myself am not Catholic... I'm actually a non denominational Christian, but since I was in Junior High, I've always done lent every year with my mom. So for the second year in a row, I'm giving up chocolate. I eat chocolate like it's no body's business so this is no easy fete. Probably at least twice a day.

But I love lent. Giving up something you love for God is a good practice. And this year, my goal is to also do it without whining about how much I miss it... especially when we're celebrating a birthday with chocolate cake :) Because whining about something you're doing out of an act of love kind of defeats the purpose right?

So here I go- Goodbye Dear Chocolate! I shall see you on Easter!

Do any of you do lent or fast from foods you love for other reasons?


  1. My husband is giving up meat (all but fish) (which means I'm giving up meat as well because I'm not gonna make different meals)!

    I gave up cheese one year---I lived in my sorority where the cook would make 2 dinner items a night---many featuring cheese (for the vegetarians). I lost a LOT of weight! It was the hardest 40 days ever. Meat is easier to give up than cheese for me!

  2. I'm giving up chocolate too! I already miss it.

  3. I'm giving up pop, which is definitely not easy for me. It will help with my wedding weight loss goals, though!

  4. I'm giving up sweets this year. Somehow, I've become obsessed with them and make sure I have at least one dessert a day! Definitely a good thing to give up for the Lord :)
    let the sugar cravings begin!

  5. Ohh good luck! I love dark chocolate, buut I'm not a big "candy" person so I don't usually go grab a piece. Cookies, however...another story...

  6. Loved your wedding @ weddingbee- just added your blog to my reader list. Good luck with no chocolate!

  7. Cathleya- I think that's so nice of you to support your husband by giving it up as well. I know you kind of half to- but it's really nice of you :) I gave up meat a few years ago and then kept it going for another 3 months... but then I got really white... so meat went back into the diet! :)

    Holly- Yay! Another chocolate person!

    LauraLou- I remember the hardest thing for me with giving up soda was when I had mexican food. I missed my Dr Pepper so much! I love that you call it pop though!- Are you from the midwest?

    Katie- you're a much stronger woman than me! All sweets?! Good for you!

    Alyssa- Chocolate Chip Cookies are my favorite thing in the world!

    MsYankee- thanks so much and thanks for stopping by!

  8. I gave up chocolate too! I was going to give up meat but that is a no go when you have to spend a month in Malawi. I was thinking of giving up online shopping but then I realized that if I did, we wouldn't have the staples (biobags, shampoo, etc) that I usually buy online.

  9. giving up chocolate? noooooo....

  10. I take that back, after much discussion with the hubby, we decided this had to be a team effort, and we switched to fast food. no fast food for lent. now I can enjoy those girl scout cookies that have been calling my name! :)

  11. M and C: Oh good- another chocolate person with me! It's not as difficult as I thought it would be- but I miss it so much!

    Justin: right? Isn't it a major food group in itself?

    Katie: I'm so jealous! There's a green box of thin mints just staring me down every time I open the cupboards


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