New Items in the Silver Pencils Etsy Shop

The small Silver Pencils Etsy shop is growing. I've been blessed with a lot of custom orders lately and been wonderfully, crazy busy! Here are some of the new items listed in my shop... I've kind of been on a summer/ beach kick :)

Small Pacific Ivory PeonyLarge Pacific Ivory PeonyShe Sells Seashells Ivory Peony The Sailors Say Summer Pin
Thanks for looking :)


  1. Love your blog and you're etsy shop. I'll be ordering some hair flowers soon!

  2. love your stuff! just gorgeous! i'm keeping an eye on everything and have to get organized soon. will hopefully be buying some flowers for my sister and I!

  3. Thanks ladies! You're the best! :)

  4. I followed you over here from WB and I love your blog!

    I have a fun question for you know, the hive now has a Miss Pencils. If both the Pencils AND Espresso characters were available when you were chosen to be a bee, which one would you have picked?? ;)

  5. beachflower- thanks so much! I'm happy to see you over here! hhhmmmm- and good question... I had to think about this one for awhile- but I think I would stick with the espresso icon- I like it- to me it says- "Go get a cup of coffee and come chat with me"... I know I'm totally lame but to me it just seems welcoming :)


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