Brown Bag Series: Quick Angel Hair Pasta

Inspired by making my husband's lunch every morning, I've decided to do a Brown Bag Series- to give you some fresh ideas on making your own or your significant other's lunch... or maybe even a quick dinner.

Making the same turkey sandwich every day can get boring (I know because that's what I used to do for myself every day). So maybe by doing this series, I can not only inspire you to try out some different ideas, but also challenge myself to think up new options for Danny as well. I'm thinking I'll probably do a Brown Bag post about once a week... believe me... the camera is the last thing on my mind at 3:30 in the morning... so I need to give myself some leeway with this :)

Today we have: Quick Angel Hair Pasta
Ingrediants (1 serving of pasta; 1 lemon, handful Kalamata Olives, 2 slices of tomato chopped up, 1/8 cup chopped parsley, pine nuts for sprinkling).

I used some leftover angel hair pasta that we'd had the night before, but I've made this for him a couple times the morning of using penne or rigatoni. Since you're making a smaller portion, the water heats up much faster than if you were making an entire meal for dinner.

Sqeeze juice from half a lemon onto pasta to flavor and moisten. I saran wrap the other half and put it in the lunch for Danny to squeeze on later as well. Chop up 2 slices of tomatoes, half a handful of parsley, and a handful of kalamata olives. Sprinkle with pine nuts.

If you have some on hand, sprinkle on some cheese, or substitute some of the ingrediants for flavors you like more. I usually put in some mozerella and basil but we were out, so I substituted with parsley and kalamata olives that I'd used for 2 seperate recipes earlier in the week.

And there you have it. A quick, healthy, and new option for lunch... and all done in less than 15 minutes. Enjoy!


  1. Yum, that looks really great! (And healthy!) Also, I can't believe you're waking up at 3:30--so impressed! Seriously, what an incredible wife.

  2. Thanks ladies!

    Startup Wife: Thanks- but it's Danny you should be impressed with- I get to work from home in my pjs from that point- he has to leave and go into traffic:)


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