Maverick's Pick

When we take Maverick on long car rides to go camping, we always come to the situation of having to find/feed/spill/waste his food & water as we pull over to the side of the road or random gas station for his break. For the traveling dog, the Pet Trek Traveler seems perfect for this exact situation.This on the go feeding system has two compartments for feeding. The top compartment holds 4.2 cups and the bottom compartment holds 6.3 cups; one for water, the other for food. And when they are finished, it easily stacks back up again. I went to their website to order the blue one but they're currently out. Danny said Mav needs to just suck it up and take the pink one...They also sell these that remind me of diaper bags. The traveler would fit right in the center too and the back has staps to make it easy to carry.Any other great pet finds out there?


  1. Ooh genius. Jellyby would love that!

  2. Adorable. I actually have a dog (who lives with my mom...because I'm a bad dog owner). But I can still day dream about taking road trips with him and packing this smartypants foodkeeper!

  3. Mrs HC: Jellyby? How cute is that name?!

    Creature: You're totally not a bad mom... you just know what's better for your little fur baby right now :)


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