A Day in the Woods

 A couple of Sundays ago, I had one heck of an invigorating and yet really, really peaceful day. The sun was out, I grabbed my book, and headed towards the further end of Grand Teton National Park.

My Sunday drive soon turned into an animal version of eye spy. No bears for me... just moose

I drove by Jackson Lake, which was still frozen.

And then a little further. But I was getting tired of driving and wanted to get out and enjoy the not so frequent sunshine. 

So I parked my car in a turnout, and skipped down this little embankment.

The water was calm. Fishermen were trolling by...

And I just relaxed with my book. My view when looking one way...

And my view looking the other... I kept switching

On my way back home, I pulled over to get a view of the Snake in front of the Tetons

 And then of course stopped to see my beloved bison I talked about

I love Wyoming.


  1. Stunning. We've wanted to visit the Tetons for a while. I think it will be on the list for next year.

  2. man, it looks gorgeous out there. would love to see it some day.


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