Playing with Instagram

Alright so I'm totally an old grandma for just having downloaded Instragram, but it is so awesome! Why did I wait so long? I have a feeling no camera phone photo will go Instagramless from this point forward.

So far, all of Danny's photos are better than mine... I'm attributing that to the fact that he has a better iphone than me... and he probably does cooler stuff as well- but we'll just leave that between me and you. Mine is above and his is below

So am I the only one who's just recently jumped on the bandwagon? And for all you veterans, what filters do you like the best?


  1. I have resisted buying an iPhone because my blackberry is not work email compatible (I am really proud of myself for this fact, it's a little sad). But - I am excited to see you were enjoying Lagunitas and flip flops :)

  2. I love the Instagram effects, but last time I checked, I can't use it on an Android phone. But, has a lot of similar effects and options to add frames, text, etc. that are fun to play with. I promise I am not getting paid to write this comment. :)

  3. I dont have it & dont know what it does. What makes it so great?

  4. Sprinkles- we love Lagunitas :)

    Diane- It's an app for your phone that lets your change the look of your pictures by changing the exposure of the filter by which you see them. Camera photos can turn out so bad so it's nice to have this app now where I can make this stand out more

    utm- sure you're not lol:)

  5. I love Instagram, and I love Snapseed for playing with my photos before I post them. I think it's free right now too!


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