Thankful For:

Grateful for:

1) Mail (that doesn't include bills). I love getting handwritten letters... surprise packages. It just feels so personal in an age where we're constantly on the computer. My old co- workers just sent me the team shirt from their last event... making me feel still a part of the team. I love them.

2) Sales. I just scored a flipping amazing smelling Voluspa diffuser for $10 (as opposed to it's $50 price tag). And now my house smells absolutely lovely.

3) Morning time people... does that make sense? I love that when I walk Maverick in the morning, people say Good Morning to me and comment about what the weather may be like for the rest of the day. As the day goes on we all get engrossed in what we're doing, but in the morning... I've found that people are just a bit more friendlier... or maybe it's just awkward to stop someone midday and say "Good Afternoon!" :)

4) My 2nd volume of the Teddy Roosevelt series I'm reading arrived. Can't wait to dive in and get to reading

5) It's been 70+ degrees multiple days in a row... hello Summer


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