I Brake for Bison

I. LOVE. BISON. Is that weird? They are my absolute favorite animal... so it's kind of awesome that they're so abundant in western Wyoming.

Last Sunday, I had a little "me" day. The hubs was up in Big Sky doing some fly fishing so I thought, after 3 days of staying up till midnight working, I needed a little time for myself as well. So I went up to Teton Park and did some reading by the mountains (pictures to come), and on my way home found me a little herd of bison. Because I have a sixth sense for those kind of things... and I could see them from the road.

How can you not love these guys?


The three amigos

And my buddy again

 What's your favorite animal? Because we're in 5'th grade and I want to know.


  1. How cool! I brake for birds and squirrels here, not as cool.

  2. They are beautiful! So majestic. Reminds me of road trips out west with my family when I was young, and they would lumber right up to the cars. My favorite animals are golden retrievers. :)

  3. they are amazing! and hooray for "me" time!

  4. So amazing! I'm jealous. I'm totally a dog lover, but if you're talking wild animals only, I've always thought moose are pretty cool. I know you've seen those too! Jealous again.


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