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So the goal was to go 9 weeks recounting every Wednesday 5 things I'm grateful for. Well looky here- those 9 weeks kind of zoomed past me- because I'm just now realizing it's Week 12. You can see the original post here, but basically, Health magazine quoted a survey saying that at the end of 9 weeks, the folks studied felt happier, healthier, and exercised more. I can't tell if I'm happier... I'm usually in a pretty good mood- but I definitely don't feel sadder? Interestingly enough, I have been exercising more... and in short feel healthier... so way to go Happiness Trick... you sneakily got me working out somehow.

But I'm going to continue on with this post, because I like thinking up things to be grateful for. It's a good reminder.

My blessings this week:

1) My wonderful husband surprised me with a bike! I've really been enjoying getting out in the park lately and riding- but since I didn't own a bike- I'd been having to rent. So the other day my husband had me come outside and there in front of our house was a shiny new bike- with a pretty helmet to boot. I'm the luckiest kid on the block!

2) We found an airline that flies folks out here waaaaay cheaper than normal. I may have to drive 2 hours into Idaho to go pick up our future guests... but knocking hundreds off the price tag is worth it. This also means I get to see my mama & sister next month- and my best friend hopefully the month following- yay!!

3) I felt a cold coming on a few days ago but I battled it off before it took hold- Victory! And maybe it's because of this posts's health inducing habits... brought on by my new bike... ah the circle of life

4) Moonrise Kingdom comes out in a few days

5) I rearranged my family room and organized my kitchen... feeling kind of accomplished


  1. cannot WAIT for moonrise kingdom!!!

  2. i always love reading these little happiness reminders! so exciting about your new bike, we'll have to go for a ride soon!

    xo the egg out west.

  3. hooray for the new bike! and that's exciting to have guests come into town--i'm sure they will enjoy all the beautiful scenery that you've given us glimpses of!


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