DIY PINWHEELS= Super Awesome Guest Post

Today I have a super awesome guest post from Jennifer over at Evey & Mae.  I first met Jennifer when she ordered her hair flower from me for her wedding (I'll soon be posting on her gorgeous wedding as well). And when I got a look at all the awesome DIY projects she did for her wedding, I couldn't help but ask her to share some of her DIY secrets.

Jennifer used these pinwheels all over her wedding- from the centerpieces to her bridesmaid bouquets... I love how each of them are different as well.

 What you'll need:

12x12 piece of scrapbook paper
hot glue gun
paper cutter (If you do not have one, scissors will work just fine)
bone fold (a bone fold is not necessary, but does help to make sure your pinwheels are folded nicely.)

Cut the 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper into 4 strips, each 3-inches wide.

Fold each strip in 1-inch increments, accordion style. (If you have a bone fold, you can use it to press down on the creases to make them more secure.)

Add a small strip of glue to connect the ends of each accordion strip together, overlapping the folds so they create one long accordion.

 Overlap the ends of the accordion, creating a loop, and secure with hot glue.

 Carefully, push the center of the loop inward, holding the edges secure in a pinwheel shape.

Holding the pinwheel carefully in place, use a small dot of hot glue in the center, and add your button to hold the center in place.

Hold the shape of the pinwheel together for a few seconds, allowing the glue to dry and the button to become secure.

Special notes:

-Pinwheels can be made in many different sizes and widths!  Cutting wider strips will result in larger pinwheels, and cutting more narrow strips will make smaller pinwheels.  To create a tighter looking pinwheel, simply make your accordion folds smaller, in 1/2 inch increments.  For a wider pinwheel that shows more of the pattern on the paper, fold in larger increments.

-Get creative!  Experiment with different buttons for the center, using different colors, shapes, and designs.  Feel free to add some personal touches as well!  You can add a layer of lace or tulle with hot glue underneath the button, or attach multiple pinwheels together to create different dimensions.  Pinwheels can also be strung together to create a garland, or attached to a dowel for a cake topper or to use as a bridesmaid bouquet!  You can also easily attach a number to the center of the pinwheel to create a table number!

Thanks so much Jennifer! These pinwheels are so cute and perfect for summer!


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