What are you reading?

So I was going to post on some DIY projects I got done this weekend, but then I realized that they were gifts for friends of mine... and some of them happen to read this blog... so I'll have to wait on those. But I thought I'd post on something else- What are you reading?

I'm currently in the middle of quite a few books, my main one being The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. It's a big fatty book but it's really, really good. I read a good portion while we were in Kauai but with a book that large, there's still quite a bit to go. I'm hoping to finish by the end of the year so I can start the next volume in January... yes this book comes in volumes.

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I'm also in the middle of reading an Agatha Christie mystery (I pick them up from the library for a quick read), and Nick Vujicici's "Life Without Limits". Nick was born without arms and legs; and his is an autobiography about how he overcame those obstacles and is now using his disability to inspire others. It's a great inspirational read... and I'm never complaining about anything ever again.

What are you reading?


  1. I'm reading Brave New World and an intellectual devotional- it's little lessons on science, religion, literature, art, philosophy, and a few other categories every day (: The teddy book sounds awesome, you'll have to let me know what you think at the end of it... also, are you on goodreads? if not, you should be.. if you are, let's be friends!

  2. Life Without Limits sounds good!

    I'm almost done reading Sybil Exposed, a book that just came out that debunks the whole real-life Sybil story (about multiple personality disorder). It's a fascinating read.

    Ditto on the goodreads!

  3. I love Nick! He spoke at my church several times, such an inspirational man. Im reading "Correct, not politically correct, how same sex marriage hurts everyone" Its a short read, but interesting.

  4. thanks for the book recommendations. and yeah just hearing about nick and the book makes me agree with you that i'll never complain about anything ever again (or at least, i shouldn't).

  5. Ash- I just clicked over to goodreads and it is so awesome- what a great idea!

    Vanity- cake- wow that sounds really interesting- let me know how you liked it once your through

    Diane- He spoke at mine once too! Wait... do you go to Crossroads? That's where I saw him before

    Lavenderpug- Right?! If someone can be joyful in those circumstances, I think I basically need to shut my mouth anytime I think I have it rough


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