Gift Guide: The Manly Version ($51 and above)

GoPro's are awesome. My husband LOVE, LOVE, LOVES his. Check 'em out

My husband and I went through a phase when we were dating where a watch was the ultimate gift every anniversary, birthday, etc... The fact that we both worked at places where we could get them half off also had something to do with it... but that's beside the point. A watch is always a nice gift, and the Suunto Vector shown below is great for guys who lead an active lifestyle.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this camera. My husband splurged and surprised me with this Panasonic Lumix LX5 as an early birthday present... and he can't keep his hands off of it. He loves it that much too.

Think about their hobbies. I know my husband needs some ski poles for when he's snowboarding in the backcountry (they help when hiking up a mtn). Between rock climbing, snowboarding, and fly fishing, I could actually spend all his Christmas money on his hobbies.

Shoes aren't for every guy- but my husband's has a thing for Shoes, Backpacks, and Jackets... it's kind of a sickness. But I know these Five Ten's were on his list.

Like I said, my husband has a thing for jackets too. And if you live in a cold climate, this Patagonia Down- Sweater Full Zip Hoody is perfection. I have the girl's version in blue and you wouldn't think something this thin could keep you so warm... but I have news for you- at 800 fill- it definitely does. It's also made out of recycled material- and as with all Patagonia products- has a warranty like no other. This jacket will last you forever... and if something goes wrong with it- Patagonia will fix it... and usually for free. I'd call that a good investment piece.
And last but not least, a nice pair of headphones is always great for the guy who loves music. My husband takes the bus to and from work during the winter, so a nice pair of headphones go along way to keep his mind occupied and relaxed. I've found that with Bose, the quality of their products is really great as well.


  1. My Patagonia jacket is my favorite, hands down! I haven't gotten hubby one because he's HOT all the damn time, but at the rate PA winters are going, he might need one!

  2. Sprinkles- I wish I had that problem... I'm the opposite and always cold. But I totally agree with you on the jacket- I love mine


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