Snow, Snow, Snow!

These next few days it's going to be snowing nonstop here in Jackson- so I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what it looks like around here right now. The hubs took my camera out the other day and took these shots...

A wolf off in in the distance (this is super zoomed in- he wasn't that close)... so jealous I wasn't with him though

And the elk, back enjoying their refuge near town

As the sun started to set, he headed over to Mormon Row (an old line of homesteads)...

Ahhhh... sunsets and snow


  1. beautiful! I do the love the snow and the views out west. breathtaking. enjoy the new year and be happy!

  2. Wow - amazing! You make me want to move to the country

  3. Gorgeous. I'm jealous - it's still brown and sad here in Minneapolis.

  4. Vanitycake- Your comment of brown and sad made me think of Charlie Brown lol

  5. snow, SnOw, SNOW!!!! I love the title of this post:)

  6. SO pretty! the sky colors and the barn...sigh.


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