Visiting with Danny's Parents

On the first day of winter, I'm going to go back in time to fall- one of my absolute favorite times in Jackson. The leaves are changing color, the air is crisp, and you can still go out hiking... well- as long as it's early fall.

Danny's parents came and visited with us this fall and we had such a wonderful time taking them around to all our favorite spots. We of course ventured over to Cascade Canyon (one of our favorite hikes).

I jumped below this bridge to grab a shot of the 3 of them
We also took them rafting down the Snake in Teton National Park. My husband the raft guide

This section of the Snake is beautiful. Gorgeous pine and cottonwood trees line one side while on the other are the beautiful Tetons

Danny's parents striking a pose for me... they're so cute together

The hubs and I...

On a different day, we went over the pass to Idaho for some yummy breakfast. And on our way back we stopped at the white water section of the Snake (we did a scenic- no rapids section before).

The rest of their trip we filled with some more of our favorite spots

And of course some fishing. I love this picture of Jeannie helping Gary with his line. I then got "the look" for taking a photo of him with his glasses on :)

Danny finishing the day flyfishing in the freezing cold riverAnd our final sunset.
We had such a wonderful time visiting with Gary & Jeannie. It just reinstates how incredibly blessed we are that so many people have used their vacation time to visit with us.


  1. Wow, Brandi, it's so beautiful, how can you stand it?! Aaaggh! Envious girl, here!

  2. do you ever miss california? because this scenery is so enviably gorgeous it makes me want to pack up right now and leave this crazy state for your peaceful, serene one (: seriously. (now to just convince the hubby...)

  3. Kat- I LOVE IT!! lol

    Ash- The only part of California we miss are our family and friends. But we're the happiest we've ever been here- and we've been very fortunate to have so many of the people we miss come and visit us so it's worked itself out. But I felt exactly like you. Once we vacationed here (and only for 2 days!) I knew we had to move here. It took some convincing on Danny's part- but we made it happen within a year- and now he can't imagine living anywhere else... so maybe you just need to take the hubs on a vacation to where you might want to move first and see what happens :)

  4. Once again, I'm in awe of all that gorgeous scenery!!

  5. Wow! Gorgeous pics Brandi! What kind of camera do you use?

  6. Chelsea- It's not my photo skills- it's the scenery- these were all taken with a cheap Kodak point and shoot :)


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