To the Weekend!

Happy Weekend! This morning I'm having coffee with one of my girlfriends. We joke that we're only summer friends because she lives on the other side of the pass (other side of the mountain) and my vehicle can't get there in winter. But she's going to be in town today so we get to catch up and grab coffee- yay! I'll also be getting some DIY projects done this weekend that I can hopefully show off next week. I'm makin' plans. Enjoy your first December weekend and see you here next week!


  1. Hi Brandi!

    I stumbled across your blog one day and I love reading about your adventures in Wyoming! I just started my own blog recently mainly about cooking : ) Just wanted to say hello and I hope you are doing well!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Chelsea! And I'll definitely be stopping by your blog... I love cooking :)


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