Who Kidnapped Santa?

Every year, someone from my mom's (very large) side holds a family Christmas party. This year it was my mom's turn- and she and my sister decided to turn it into a Kidnapping Mystery Party... similar to a murder mystery party. This year Santa was kidnapped- and we all were emailed our characters a week before the Party, as well as a description of us hinting at why we might kidnap Santa.

My husband and I were the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who. You could get as much into character as you wanted. My mom didn't want to put a requirement on dressing up but she did have a gift for the person with the best costume. I myself didn't dress up that much as you can see... but I did have a pin that said, "#1 FAN OF THE GRINCH."Jack Frost:Joseph and Hot Cocoa:As each person arrived, we were given our alibis as to where we were when Santa was kidnapped. We were instructed to go around and ask everyone what theirs said. And as we did... we noticed that some of the alibis were contradictory to some of the other character's alibis... like mine for instance.

Here's Little Miss Mistletoe playing with some of her giftsOne of Santa's reindeer Prancer and Frosty the SnowmanMidway through the Party we were given our next clues in the story. Mine however said something else- it said that I was the KIDNAPPER! What?! It said that I had kidnapped Santa because I wanted the Grinch (my husband) to get the spotlight and bring everyone their gifts.

Now I must tell you- I am the worst liar so I couldn't look at anyone or talk to anyone, because if anyone had asked me if I was the kidnapper- I would have given it away instantly.

Here are Miss Silverbells and Miss Jinglebells with Miss Mistletoe doing their gangsta facesTowards the end of the Party, my mom took down every one's predictions as to who kidnapped Santa (the one who predicted correctly would get a prize.) Only 2 out of the 30+ people guessed me. I guess my laying low payed off ;)

So there's the details to our Kidnapping Family Christmas party... a fun spin on a classic get together


  1. What a cute idea! Sounds like a lot of fun :)

  2. This sounds like the funnest Christmas tradition ever!

  3. That is SUCH a fun tradition! I totally want my family to do that next year.

  4. As a lover of mysteries, I totally recommend it :)


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