Weekend Mountain Wedding: Dancing for Money... with Our Clothes On

We went back and forth on whether or not to have a Money Dance. We had taken out the garter and bouquet tosses, the mother/ son and father/ daughter dances... so why should we have a money dance? And would our relatives just look at us as just asking for money? And what if no one stood in line to dance with us? The questions went on forever.

After talking with Mama Espresso about it a few times she told us to go for it. We're young. We're broke. And it would give our guests all a chance to dance with us.

So the money dance was in. And we had SO MUCH FUN!

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Our fears of guests not standing in line were defeated. They were standing in every direction We danced with family members whom we normally would never have had the chance toWe danced in groups of 3Our guests donned beanies, overcoats, sweatshirts, mittens, anything to keep warm. And I love having pictures showing our fancy guests in spontaneous, unfancy garb. It's fun and different... and a testament of how wonderfully flexible our southern California guests were to the 38 degree weather :) Hardly anyone was at their seats...They were all standing in line and mingling around the heatersWe were congratulated constantly. Wished the best of luck. Given little nuggets of marital wisdom...as well as a little bit of money :)We danced with everyoneAnd one of my favorite parts of it all- getting dressed by my different partners. I had guests bring me jackets, sweaters, and even blankets for our dance!I'm normally not big on dancing...but I was having so much fun I could have danced all day.

I'm so incredibly glad we decided to do the money dance. We danced with almost all of our relatives... and most for the first time. Dancing with them also gave us quality time with each of our friends and family... something we may not have been able to have otherwise.

When Mr. Espresso and I were driving in the limo to our hotel later, we broke out the Money Dance stash and decided to count it. There was over $700!! We were in shock. Neither of us come from wealthy families. But everyone was so generous and willing to dance with us. It was a wonderful surprise and blessing. Yay for the Money Dance! :)

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All photos by the amazingly talented Sandra Salisbury

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