Product Review: Keurig Brewing System

For Christmas, my step dad surprised me with the Keurig Special Edition Brewing System. As a coffee snob who only drinks Starbucks coffee, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. But I have definitely fallen in love my Keurig. I always used to hate when I'd make too much coffee and then waste it. Since the Keurig only makes one cup at a time, no waste here. And it has required me to try different types of coffee too.

My favorites so far:

Emeril's Big Easy Bold Coffeeand Newman's Own Organic Special Blend, Extra Bold Coffee.And then for something different, I ordered Gloria Jean's Flavored Coffee Variety Box... includes such yummy treats at Mudslide, Butter Toffee, and Swiss Chocolate Almond Coffee.

The boxes run about $13.95 per box of 22 servings and the Special Edition Keurig Brewing system is about $129.95. They also have boxes offering hot chocolate and different tea types. I have a gigantic box of green teas. Overall, I think it's a great buy, it's quiet, and it came in really handy when we had a lot of guests over for Christmas. We were able to satisfy those who wanted coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc...

I recommend :)


  1. I'm glad you posted this because I had just added it to my registry... I hear nothing but fabulous things about it and can't wait to have one!

  2. I have the mini version of yours in my office at work and I love it too! It makes just the right amount of coffee :)

  3. We have a Keurig, too! My hubby won't drink coffee-- so it is perfect for me with the one-cup servings. My fave is the butter toffee flavor from Gloria Jean's-- Add some flavored creamer and YUM!

  4. Laura- that's an awesome idea to put one on your registry. I hope you get one! :)

    Charms- I've never seen the mini ones but Danny said he saw a mini red one- I'd love to see them come out in different colors like the KitchenAide mixers

    Jess- I just tried the Butter Toffee yesterday! It's like dessert in a cup


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