Travel Guide: The Korakia in Palm Springs

When my best friend took me to Palm Springs last month for my birthday, we stayed at the Korakia Pensione. The Korakia is a beautiful Moroccan retreat situated in Downtown Palm Springs. We had spent the entire day Christmas shopping at the Cabazon outlets so we didn't arrive until late, but the whole place was alit with candles and lanterns. It was beautiful! Here was our room.Cute... white... relaxing. It was wonderfulThe next day I went around the property and took some pictures.

The archway that led out to our carEntrance inThis was the courtyard in front where they served us breakfast. All breakfasts are included with the price of the room. On the menu: pancakes with fresh cut fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice, and coffee. So yummy!This is the doorway that leads into the hotel lobbyThe Moroccan door leading inThe pool areaThere's a fire here at the night and the fountains are lit upHere was the entrance to our room. We sat out in the lounge chairs after breakfast and read magazines... you can still see our coffee cups on the tableOur room: The SaharaI felt like I was somewhere in Europe The exit outAnd oh I almost forgot! The library. The night we arrived they took down that picture on the far wall and projected It's a Wonderful Life onto it (one of my favorite movies). We brought chocolate that we'd bought from a store down the street, champagne, and some cards to play rummy. No one else showed up so it ended up just being us. Even though there were other guests staying there, I felt like we actually had the entire place to ourselves. I highly recommend this place to others. Perfect relaxing getaway with friends or a significant other.


  1. that hotel is lovely!! is there some sort of animal or something painted on the bottom of the pool, or am i crazy???

  2. hahaha Megan you are not crazy! :) There was definitely something painted on the bottom of the pool but I can't remember what it was now

  3. Hey I like this post! It was such a wonderful trip! Cant wait for the next one!


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