My Husband Knows How to Cook!

Until a few months ago, I did all the cooking for us. If I have the time, cooking is something that really relaxes me. I put on some good French or Portuguese music and get to work. But all of a sudden, Danny started experimenting with different recipes and he is AMAZING! Me- I follow a recipe almost to the T (unless I don't like one of the ingredients). Danny is already cooking up different stuff just based on what flavors he thinks will go well together. He's a natural and I'm in awe of his presentation skills. Take a look at some of the meals he's been whipping up for us: How do you and your guy feel about cooking?


  1. no fair. you just made me crave guacamole at 9am! props to your hubs - those meals look amazing...

  2. i love love love it when my fiance cooks! there is nothing sexier!

    that all looks delicious!

  3. Holy Moly all that looks so tasty! Both Jason and I LOVE to cook, but we have very different but oddly similar styles - we both follow recipes and make changes based on what we think will taste better. We also invent recipes based on what we think will taste good together. But, I try not to add too many ingredients (I'm more of a purist) and Jason will just open up the spice cabinet and go nuts. Both end up tasting good, but mine is easier to right down and recreate... or blog ;-)

  4. Ali- Danny and I are just like you and Jason- I'm a minamilist when it comes to ingrediants- and Danny's throwing every spice he can in there ;)


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