A Sense of the Spa at Home

I loooove going to get massages at the Spa. Having someone work out all the tension in my muscles for an hour while also listening to cds like, "Sounds of the Wind" or songs that sound like they're from "The Last Samurai," just relaxes me to my very core. And the bed/ table thing that I lie on always smells like lavender or eucalyptus. I can't get enough of it. So the other day when I was walking by Bath and Body, I decided to go in and purchase one of their pillow mists. And to my surprise- it was half off!

So now every night, and all for the price of $4, I go to sleep to the relaxing soft scent of eucalyptus... and it is oh so wonderful.


  1. I think I have some of that in my drawer that I got as a gift...maybe I'll actually have to try it!

  2. OOOH! I'll have to buy some of this! It sounds wonderful

  3. Holly- I definitely recommend it!

    Mrs. D- They have this scent as well as lavender and... one in a red bottle as well that I can't remmeber the name of- but they all smell amazing!

  4. Nice! I have the bedtime mist, not sure if they still have it (I think it's lavender mixed with something else).

  5. I got as a gift...maybe I'll actually have to try it!

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