Thankful For:

Thankful for:

1) I'm almost finished with my book, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. It's gigantic and I've only been able to read a little at a time, but it's sooooo good. Usually with books I enjoy this much I never want them to end, but knowing that this one still has another 2 volumes afterwards has kept me going.

2) My husband is back from his 4 day vacay up in Big Sky and it's so wonderful to have him back. I've also discovered that I eat horribly while he's away. Milky Ways's for dinner anyone?

3) It's Wednesday

4)  Iced Coffee. I refrigerate the leftover coffee from the day, before I go to bed. And then the next morning- absolute perfection. I just feel like iced coffee goes straight to your veins and gives you that instant pick- me up- I love it!

5) There are 2 little birds that sit on a wire in front of my office window almost every day. They make me happy

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