Thankful For- A Special Edition

This Wednesday, my Thankful Post is dedicated to my husband. Because as of today, we've been together a solid 10 years. I actually thought we'd been together a decade as of last year, but it appears my math was off... I've been forgetting my age as well so it's not too big of a surprise to me... People ask my age. I say 22... 23... no wait I'm 27 . Ya... I'm hoping I'm not the only person who does this

But dear husband, after 10 years of you being an amazing boyfriend/ fiance/ and husband- here are some things I am incredibly grateful to you for:

1) Your sense of humor. You make me laugh like no other- and every single day

2) When I said I wanted us to quit our jobs and move to Wyoming, you listened and discussed it with me, even though you weren't (at the time) on the same page. I know it wasn't easy. Most guys would have brushed off their wife's crazy ideas as just that. But you didn't. You made me feel that despite how out-of-nowhere my ideas can be- they still matter- and then you made it happen. Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you

3) Your insanely fantastic taste in music. If you had your own radio station, I'd listen to it every day

4) I think you're really really good looking.

5) Your support. Having my own business is a HUGE learning experience. But you let me convert our 2nd bedroom into an office (leaving our many out of town guests to sleep on the couch). You've helped me package orders when things have gotten beyond busy. And you've just been there. Hugging me on the bad days. Praising me on the good. And supporting me through all of it.

6) Your determination. Before we moved here, you'd never rock climbed, rowed a  boat, or hiked a mountain. And within a year of moving here, you climbed the Grand, became a river rafting guide, and hiked every mountain around us. Your drive and determination are inspiring.

7) How much you love your family and friends. You'd do anything for anyone. You've helped a gazillion people move. And how much you care about both your family and mine is so very refreshing

8) Your sexy blue eyes and the fact that you can get a tan in 10 minutes... and thank- you for loving your super white/ non- tan/ sunscreen loving wife

9) You're a movie nerd.  

10) Your unconditional, unwavering, enveloping love. After 10 years, you still put a smile on my face everyday. I love your kisses, your pinches (even if I say I don't), and the fact that we still are just as in love as we were 10 years ago... but even more so now

Happy Anniversary Love!


  1. Aww happy 10th anniversary - that was so sweet!

  2. I am 27 (but think of myself as 25) and have been together with my now husband for 10 years last Feb. Congrats! Your post is so sweet. :)

  3. Happy 10 yeas! This was such a sweet post, love all of the pictures of you two.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Such a dramatic life change such as changing jobs AND moving to such a different place can really make your break a relationship. I know because it broke mine. Congrats to both of you for creating a strong foundation that can withstand the hard times and enable you to live out your dreams!

    And yes, I do the exact same thing when it comes to my age. Start at 21, then go to 25, and add from there.

  5. but do you find him really really RIDICULOUSLY good looking?! bahahaha

    wow.. i can't believe it's been ten years.. because that means its been ten years since i worked with danny and dustin.. and almost ten years since high school..

    and no worries, i still think im 22... its terrible.. every time im asked my age i really REALLY have to think about it.. like hard.

    happy anniversary you guys!

  6. I love this, Brandi! Beautiful post!

  7. Awwww, HAPPY 10 YEARS!!! This is a huge accomplishment!!! :)

  8. Thank- you all so much!!

    Meredith- Happy Belated 10 year anniversary to you too!

    Shannon- I'm so sorry. Adding & subtracting so many drastic changes to yours (and someone else's) life can bring up a lot of emotion- whether it's good, bad, or both. I'm sorry it didn't work out for the better in your case. And I'm hoping it's because something even more amazing is in your future. Thanks for sharing :)

    Ash- bahahaha yes! yes I do! And Zoolander quotes kept sneaking into my subconscious all day long after that!


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