Thankful For:

Thankful for:

1) My Great Park family. My really fantastic friend and former co- worker Anabel sent me this photo from when I used to work there (don't judge my insanely messy desk please... because my current desk is worse). The team I worked with was amazing- and the best group of people I have EVER worked with hands downs. We worked our bums off during event season, but on our down time we made up for it with lots of office shenanigans (after being gone on my honeymoon, I came back to everything on my desk being velcro'ed down... because that doesn't make answering the phone, using my stapler, etc... difficult). There were "secret" Nerf guns behind file folders, crazy pranks, and photos like this... which looks sort of normal until you realize both my co- workers are standing on their swivel chairs. Thanks for sending me this photo Anabel!

2) Brides who email me after their wedding and send photos of their big day. I'm a sucker for weddings to begin with, but the fact that they take time out of their busy schedules to send me photos of them wearing their hair fascinators totally blows me over. I am such a lucky girl. ps- Get ready for one such gorgeous wedding on here next week!

3) Goldfish Crackers... enough said

4) Garage Sale season is almost here. They cease to exist in the winter so I've been eyeing the paper waiting for their return. My friend and I go every Saturday in the summer- and I'm looking forward to some awesome finds

5) My brother is doing much better... apparently it was some kind of virus. I also just heard that he's moving back to Big Sky, MT  in a few weeks so he'll be 4 hours away instead of 16- yay!


  1. I'm glad your brother is doing better! This is a fun idea for a weekly blog post, which I might have to borrow if I ever start blogging again. You've got me excited about garage sale season now, too. Looking forward to see what you find!

  2. Yay for your brother doing better!!

  3. Glad your brother is doing better! And I"m super excited about garage sales too - we had a ton in our neighborhood last summer!

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Vanitycake: Go ahead! I stole the idea from Health magazine so it's not technically mine :)

    Amanda- I'm sure you'll be making some awesome transformations with what you find


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