I'm a Sweet Lovin' Lady

This Sunday marked 40 days of no sweets for me. Can you believe it? I can't. It was hard. I only whined a little. To myself I whined a lot. And I gained weight! No candy, chocolate, pastries, ice cream, etc... for 40 days and I gained weight! I think it's proof that God loves me and wants me to eat sweets for the rest of my sugar lovin' life. Maybe that's taking it a little far... but I don't think so.

So I've only had a few chocolate chips so far... and they're not as great as I remember? And I feel guilty for eating them. Weird things are happening over here.


  1. that's how i felt after my juice fast... everything began tasting funky.. so i stopped eating a LOT of CRAP because of it... it's just an added bonus!

    but i could never, and will never, give up dark chocolate for any time period longer than a few months. i just won't.

    GOOD JOB!!!!

  2. wow, 40 days! that's amazing. do you feel better/more energized?

  3. Thanks ladies! I don't know why it was so hard... maybe seeing all the Easter candy everywhere? But now that it's over I don't have the desire for sweets that I used to... but I like knowing I can have them if I want

    Mina- No lol. I never felt more energized- I maybe even was a bit more cranky? But I think that's because I'm a snacker. I eat about 6 small meals a day and when I couldn't munch on a couple chocolate chips (my go- to snack), I felt unsatisfied and ended up eating more bread, chips, etc... which I normally don't... I think that's also why I gained weight


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