Thankful For

Today I am thankful for:

1) Chocolate Croissants. We have a bakery in town (Persephone Bakery) that makes the most perfect chocolate croissants I've ever had since Paris. They currently only sell to retailers and at the Farmer's Market, but I'm hoping one day they get a storefront... because I will be there every day

2) The weather has been AWESOME!! Today we have a high of 70! What?!!! It goes back down to the 40's tomorrow with a chance of rain/ snow over the next few days, but I have been LOVING the warmness we've been experiencing

3) Off- season. Jackson is unique in that when April & November come around, everyone asks if you're going somewhere. Since we live in a tourist town, a lot of places slow down and/ or close to account for the lack of peeps. This obviously doesn't apply to me but my husband is off most of April so I love having him around.

4) I am busy, busy, busy! It's wedding season, the orders are coming in like hot cakes, and I am one happy girl

5) Netflix. I thought cancelling our satellite subscription was going to be hard. And while I do miss some shows (Parks & Rec, New Girl, Community), it's actually not that bad since we have Netflix and can start watching entire seasons of shows we've never seen. The hubs and I are addicted to Friday Night Lights- ADDICTED


  1. FYI: You can still watch Parks & Rec, New Girl, and almost all other NBC/CBS/FOX/ABC shows for free on Hulu or their own websites. No need to miss those shows. I don't have cable and still watch them all.

  2. i *love* a good chocolate croissant. it's part of my weekend breakfast ritual to get one from a nearby bakery. yum!

  3. Sounds like you need to invest in a streaming device (like Roku) so that you can stream Hulu to your tv. I looking to ditch cable, as the $100/month price tag is just plain outrageous. More money to spend on chocolate croissants!

  4. Naomi & Shannon- we have a PS3 so we stream Netflix through that- I want to try Hulu Plus though soon... after these comments I hit up some shows on regular Hulu on my laptop :) And Shannon- I totally agree- we were paying $70 and it just got to the point where it didn't seem worth it anymore

    Mina- I had one this morning :)


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