The Easter Keg Hunt

It's that time of year folks. When grown men & women rummage the hills and valleys of Jackson Hole looking for buried treasure. Some are glued to the radio waiting for clues, while others set out on search parties with their friends, eliminating possibilities with each step.

Every year Snake River Brewing, our local award winning brewery, hides a keg somewhere in Jackson Hole, and gives out daily clues on the radio and Facebook as to where it could be... since it could literally be anywhere. Last year it was found by a woman with an avalanche probe who found it buried in Wilson (a town about 10 minutes from us). The winner gets free beer for a year... so you can imagine the frenzy it creates.

Although it's not really the free beer that drives my husband (although it certainly doesn't hurt). It's the thrill of the hunt. My husband instantly becomes 12 years old again. It's his mission to find Ray Brower in Stand by Me or hidden treasure in The Goonies. He and his friends go over clue after clue and are out until sundown. Yesterday, he hiked up and down Snow King (the ski hill behind our house) about 5 times after work... he worked off so many calories I had to make him dinner twice. And each time he comes back dirty and exhausted, he swears he's done. That somebody else can have it... and then he goes right back out the next day.

About a half hour after he returned yesterday, we heard someone had finally found the keg... and it was in fact on Snow King. So the Easter Keg Hunt is over this year, but I know my husband will be right back at it next year.

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  1. oh my goodness, things like that make me want to live in a smaller town! how FUN!

    what is a years worth of beer? because, i can imagine, for one person its 7 beers a day.. but for me, if it were 7 beers a day, i'd have beer for life!!!

    (dont even get me started if its wine.. and if there's wine hunts.. because i will go wherever those are. dont even tempt me. ... and i WILL win.)

  2. Wow, that sounds like some hunt!

  3. Oh my goodness that's such a fun idea! I love that - my husband would be SO into it!!

  4. how fun! i'm sorry he didn't find the keg, but sounds like he had fun regardless (even if it was tiring).

  5. Ash- it's a beer a day over at the brew pub... which happens to be half a block from our house so I'm kind of glad Danny didn't win... I think the pressure would be too great lol

  6. that's so awesome! my husband would be so into it

  7. What an awesome tradition! And something you would only find in a small town.


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