Winter Fun in Grand Teton National Park

Last Monday was a gorgeous bluebird day- so Danny and I headed out to Grand Teton National Park...

The road is only plowed up to Taggart Lake Trailhead during the winter. But that worked out perfect since we were cross country skiing from that point on.

Back in July, I posted about biking through this section here. It's crazy that the fence behind me is almost completely buried

Gah! Isn't it so gorgeous?!

This was Danny's 1st time cross country skiing and he was such a good sport... look at me- talking like a seasoned pro when this was only my second time

I love my hubby

We took a little break to snack on some gold fish crackers and an apple... the best hiking snack. Danny giving me his stank face

A little over 3 miles in we started getting some cloudy weather and strong winds... so we decided to call it a day and start heading back. Plus we needed to get back and feed a starving Maverick (who had a temper tantrum and gotten into the trash to show how upset he was when we returned)

But I can't wait to go back and do it again

Love this picture with the moon behind Danny

So much fun! Have you ever gone cross country skiing before?


  1. wow brandi- you live in the MOST GORGEOUS place ever! i havent cross country skied, but i definitely want to! i'll have to look into it- maybe big bear has some options??

  2. gah, we live in paradise! yet i've never tried this! this makes me want to go!!!

    xo the egg out west.

  3. Ash- thanks so much! I LOVE it here! For sure- definitely try Big Bear- as long as you can find a straight path (no or minimal ups and downs) you should be fine

    Meagan- I totally agree! You should definitely try it out- I'll go with you :) And I'm emailing you back this weekend! I'm thinking of one of my new jewelry pieces for the giveaway :)

  4. these pictures blow me away! it must have been amazing seeing it in person.


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