Thankful For:

1) Later on today I'm hitting up some thrift stores with my husband. I love thrift stores- they're so full of treasures and there's rarely a visit where I don't find me something awesome. Today Danny & I will be looking for some fun 80's garb to wear to his 80's themed work party this weekend- watch out!

2) My job. Wedding season is upon us and I LOVE what I do. The fact that I get to work from home, playing with pretty, luxe fabrics, for super awesome ladies is just beyond cool.

3) Living in Jackson. Wolves have been causing trouble in the southern part of town. We're being cautioned to carry our bear spray since the griz and black bears are already out due to an early spring. Maybe that sounds scary to some- but to me- I don't know. I just can't believe I call this incredibly wild place home... and I love it

4) My hubs. He seriously makes me laugh every. single. day. I'm not gonna lie, there are day where he makes me want to pull my hair out too... but even on those days I know there will be a point that he'll do something crazy & make me laugh- and not a day goes by where I don't feel beyond blessed to be his wife

5) My little bro. He's been having severe chest pains while also getting light headed. And after a couple trips to the emergency room- they're still trying to figure out what's wrong. Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers.


  1. and i'm hungry like the woooooolf....
    BAM! two references in one (:

    not going to lie,i'm slightly jealous of the wild you live in (: once we move to the beach (years from now.. like YEARS) and i'm satisfied with living there, the open wild is where i want to go... maybe CO?

    husbands are the best, especially when they can make you laugh after they've made you want to rip your hair out (:

    and dustin!!! yikes- i hope they can figure out what's wrong! i had similar symptoms YEARS ago and they finally diagnosed me with anxiety.. luckily, that all went away with a few lifestyle changes... but i hope they can figure out what's wrong soon!

  2. Hope they can figure out what's wrong with your brother, keeping him in my thoughts.

  3. Are they suggesting bear spray just when you go out to the park or on paths in town? I haven't had a chance to read the paper this week. I hope it's nothing serious with your brother. I experienced chest pain, shortness of breath and dizziness a few years back and it was also anxiety. Hopefully it's just something like that. A lot easier to take care of.

  4. Ask your brother to ask the drs. to check him for h pylori. It's a nasty infection-that causes ulcers, and it has Horrible pains. I felt like I was going to faint when I had it. I hope he gets better whatever is wrong.

  5. Thank- you all for your kind words about my brother. I'll tell HIM to ask his dr about possible anxiety and hplori- you guys are so knowledgeable!

    Jessica- just when you're out hiking. They said that as of March 15th half of the male grizzly population were already out of their dens and that griz had also been spotted in Teton NP.

  6. i'll be thinking about your brother and hoping they figure out what it is, and that he feels better soon.

    bear spray! you do live in the wild!

    p.s. so excited to give my friend the hair flower this weekend--i haven't opened it even to peek because i didn't want to ruin the pretty packaging!


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