Thankful For:

I am thankful for:

1) Our library. I love it. Danny made fun of me yesterday saying my heaven would be a huge library with waiters serving tray passed coffee and chocolate... I laughed- and then agreed how absolutely amazing that sounded! Our library may be small, but they always have what I'm looking for. And since Danny and I canceled our satellite subscription, I've been reading A LOT more- which I've missed

2) The DrawSomething App on my phone. My best friend showed it to me last night and now I'm addicted! It's like playing Pictionary with either your friends or complete strangers- pure awesomeness

3) The rain. I'm normally not a huge fan of rain mixed with snow... but it was so soothing to fall asleep to last night

4) My puppy. When I bent down to pet him this morning, he nuzzled his head into my leg and then just kind of leaned against me- cutest little dog hug ever

5) Coffee. It's overcast. It's rainy. And my house smells like dark, rich, coffee mmmm...


  1. we should play draw something together! my screen name is: ashleymcglass

    and yay for the right library... i made a promise not to buy too many more books until i read most of mine.. and i HAVE, so it's time to go book shopping! i love books (:

  2. Alright I'm going to start a game with you... don't make fun of my kindergarten drawing skills

  3. This post instantly makes me happy and I would agree with your Heaven! Hope you're well, I love reading your posts xxo


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