Surrounded by Beauty (Kauai Part 2)

Dear Kauai-

Thank- you for making my 1st vacation in 2 years more than worth the wait. You relaxed every single stressed out muscle in my body. To the point where it was hard to get back into the swing of things once I returned. You spoiled me with your daily fresh sushi and sashimi.. I read books... plural. And you slowed me waaaaaaaay down... something that has benefited my soul ever since.

I also got a tan... but first, I got really really burnt. I hadn't laid out since I was 16. I wear sunscreen every day. I protect my skin like crazy. But on our first day there, we hung out on the beach in front of our hotel for about 35 minutes- and bam! Burnt, Burnt, Burnt. So about 5 layers of sunscreen went on each time we were outside after that little incident.

If we ever go back to Kauai, we're renting a cottage on Anini Beach. So chill and barely anyone there. No waves though so go elsewhere for surfing (Danny surfed at a spot in front of the Hyatt in Poipu)
Oh Hanalei how I love you...

And hey if you've seen the Descendents... this is the beach Matthew Lillard was running on...

Duke's in Poipu

If you ever go to Kauai, do yourself a favor and venture off to Polihale State Beach. It's on the complete opposite side of the island from Hanalei, and the final few miles you have to take a random dirt road there- but the end result is worth it

The beach backs up to the Napali coastline and there are just miles and miles of beach... with no one on it... a rarity for Hawaii

After lounging at Polihale, we made our way up to Waimea Canyon (Hawaii's Grand Canyon). A storm's a brewin'

I mean, seriously! Land Before Time style

Husband's checking out the canyon... I'm checkin out him

The last few days of our trip we stayed close to our hotel

Around 5 am the morning we left, I woke up to pouring rain. We went to sleep most nights with the balcony door open so we could hear the waves. This was my view when I woke up...

I'll miss you Kauai!! If any of you are ever planning a trip and have questions- let me know- I'm happy to help :)


  1. These pictures make me want to take a vacation right now! Just gorgeous! Looks like you two had a great time.

  2. where did you guys stay at? and where is your bathing suit from?! because it's the cutest! (last question: what books did you read- i brought a few last time we went, but i couldn't get into any of the stories.. they didn't feel "hawaii/beach appropriate")

    sorry you got burned- OUCH! but at least you had plenty of time to recover (:

    and the canyons are AMAZING! oh my goodness...

  3. We stayed at Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy. They were really reasonable & highly rated on TripAdvisor. They also have one of the top rated restaurants at their hotel.

    My suit is from Victoria's Secret... but from like 3 years ago lol

    My books weren't really beach appropriate either- but I read that Theodore Roosevelt book I spoke about before, a couple Agatha Christie mysteries (because I'm an 80 year old thrill seeker) and a biz book I can't remember the title of...I need to go look. And then tons of magazines that I'd had piled up forever :)

  4. fun! Kauai is so nice! I love that even though it rains a lot, it's only in short bursts and it's never cold! One morning, J and I had breakfast out under a patio umbrella when it started raining, but it wasn't a bother at all! In just a couple minutes, it was gone.

    We also ate at that Duke's! :0) We never made it to Waimea Canyon though...

  5. I really want a vacation just like that right now! Looks awesome.

  6. haha ok cool... thanks for answering ALL of my ridiculous questions..

    what books ARE beach appropriate?? i mean, magazines i totally get (:

  7. Oh goodness, it continues to look absolutely amazing! Get me on a plane to Hawaii asap, please!


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