The Road from Idaho to Jackson

As I've said before, the nearest Target, Barnes & Noble, Mall, etc... is 2 hours away... in another state. So when we make the trip, it's an all day adventure. I realize this is not the norm for most of you. Heck- when I used to live in California I had 3 Targets within a 15 minute distance from my house... so this is quite the crazy experience for me as well. Luckily, the drive is gorgeous, serene, with no traffic in site.

About an hour into our drive back I snapped some photos. 

The Snake River

Swan Valley, ID... I'll take one of these gorgeous homes

Victor, ID... the last town we hit before going up the mountain and back to Jackson

 I told you he makes me laugh every day

And when you get to the top of the mountain, you get to look down on beautiful Jackson... and thank God you're finally home. Time to unload the car...


  1. I want to go there...beautiful!

  2. seriously GORGEOUS.. would make the two hour drive seem like NOTHING..

    and aaahhh.. soo reminds me of footloose (: seriously DYING over your views.. no joke.

  3. just made that drive also! i try not to stay in IF too long. that places depresses the hell out of me.

  4. You went back already??

  5. I love that drive. Especially in Laure spring when everything greens up. :-)

  6. That was supposed to say the spring..... Yeah.

  7. beautiful! the scenery and nature is worth trading off 3 targets within 15 minutes!

  8. oh this makes me miss my home of southern idaho SO BAD! the drive to jackson is one my FAVORITES and one my family used to make every few months or so while i was growing up. give those big mountains and that sagebrush a big hug for me!

  9. Meag- I totally agree. I always look forward to going out there to get whatever I need, but by the end of it I cannot wait to get home.

    Tracy- Danny & I were going to hit up their thrift stores but all the ones we went to were closed! Thanks Yellowpages! Apparently 80s fashion is back though so I found some good accessories at the mall :)

    Mina- I totally agree!

    Kate- I didn't know you were from southern Idaho! What part? And yes- I will go out hugging all the mountains and sagebrush for you today :)


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