Meet My Friend/ Stalker...

As of late, I've been running into a lot of deer while out walking Maverick. Maverick, my super strong pit/ lab mix, goes crazy over anything- birds, squirrels, other dogs- so just imagine how he is with multiple deer.

Because of this, and the fact that the roads were super icy, I decided to walk him a completely different route than normal. About half way into our walk (and as I was picking up his biz-niss), I looked up to see a moose standing less than 10 feet away- staring at me straight on. What the?!

I live in town people. My first thought was: "AWESOME!... My second- "Crap!" I was standing on solid ice, less than 10 feet away from a moose, with a dog who was now jumping, barking, and pulling towards the moose like no other.

I slowly and carefully backed away, and rounded the corner into the alley. The alley was icier than the sidewalk I was previously on- great. It was here that I noticed that the backyard the moose was in went into the icy alley I was now in. I stopped for a second contemplating what I should do. I decided to go back out of the alley and down the road, away from the moose. As I made my step towards the street, the moose ran in front of me, looked in my direction, and stopped. Grrr! I wanted to yell at the moose- "What are you thinking?! I'm trying to give you space and get this almost uncontrollable dog away from you!" If the moose decided to charge us I was out of luck. I was in an alley of solid ice, fenced in on both sides and that moose was blocking my closest exit.

So I stood still, or as still as I could with my raging dog, and the moose finally looked away, and took off trotting down the middle of the street.

The next morning I walked Mavi a completely different route. And when we were almost home and only 2 blocks away from my house, guess who we ran into again.

So I again, slowly backtracked, and took Maverick home yet a different route. But this time, I drove back with my car, and took some pictures for proof

Meet my friend/ stalker:

He's kind of cute right?

Many tourists would see my incident as a perfect picture taking opportunity. But moose are wild animals and deserve their space.

Earlier this year, an elderly man was out walking his dogs in Alaska and a moose, that was much further off than mine, charged him and almost stomped him to death. Luckily his 80- something year old wife ran to their truck, got a shovel, and whacked at the moose until he took off. Had it not been for his bad ass wife, the man could have died. I never felt like I was in this amount of danger, but wild animals are unpredictable- and deserve respect :)


  1. oh my gosh he is SUCH a cutie- seriously i just want to say "come her moosey, come give me a hug" (but said like a 4 year old/grandmother.. if that makes sense)

    but yes, you are SO RIGHT. wild animals need space and respect, and i'd probably have been terrified, as well...

    i can only hope to be such a bad-ass when i'm older.. "you go girl" for beating that moose with a shovel!

  2. Majestic and terrifying at the same time! What an amazing animal.

    My parents have a house in the sticks and they carry pepper spray with them when walking their dog in the event that they run into wildlife that are getting a little too friendly. I just hope they never have to use it!

  3. Oh wow, that is so amazing! What a beautiful creature, but I'm so glad you used caution around it!

  4. Ash- I know exactly what you're talking about- 4 yr old grandma voices exist :)

    Shannon- That's so smart of them. We carry bear spray (crazy strong version of pepper spray) when we're out hiking in the summer just in case.

  5. Oh my goodness, how scary and exciting at the same time. He's cute...but dang it I'd have been terrified!

    Glad you got to take some pictures from a safe distance though! He was totally creepin on you...that second photo cracks me up!

  6. oh wow, that is amazing to see a wild animal like that up close, but i am glad that you were careful. maybe he wanted to make friends with maverick, and that's why he was stalking you.

  7. Some weird moose tip my husband taught me: if you are ever by a moose that starts to charge/come at you, get behind a decent sized tree and hug it. Keep moving around it. Apparently since the moose is so big and gangly, it has a hard time running around a tree. Who knew?

  8. Mina- That's what my cousin said haha. He's quite cute :)

    Jessica- what?! I have never heard that before- but that's really good to know lol


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