Thankful For:

This week I am thankful for:

1) The fact that I'm back in my workout routine. It feels amazing! I want the weather to stay in the 20s & 30s so I can keep up my runs outside- because when it's super icy... I can barely walk let alone run on those roads. But I LOVE running when it's snowing...

2) This recipe for Banana Blueberry Oak Cakes. It's the closest thing to a sweet I can have and it tastes like pure heaven

3) My date with my husband last Monday. We had such a great time we've decided to make "Date Days" a weekly occurrence... because they were only date nights before- but now we'll be spending the whole day together

4) Birds Chirping. It feels like every time I'm outside I hear all the birds singing up in the trees... making me feel that spring is right around the corner...

5) My Aunt. My aunt went into surgery yesterday because they were worried she had cancer. The doctors were able to get everything out- it is definitely a day to be thankful!


  1. this is cute- you should link up with she does a "little bits of happiness"link up every week.. I think it's on wednesdays, too, but i am unsure..



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