Mountain Living

This morning I woke up and it was 18 degrees- pure wonderfulness. I seriously cannot remember the last time I woke up and the temperature was this nice. And to top it off, we're finally getting some fresh snow fall. It's very light- but beautiful as always.

Here's a glimpse into what life has been like in our neck of the woods lately...

Went for a sunset drive with the hubs...

Our cabin from the backyard... on a very chilly day

Vanilla Sky

Getting the Silver Dollar Mercantile's Order ready for them...

Coffee break with my pup...

Cross country skiing on my lunch break...

Washing the dishes and watching the snow fall... this view totally takes the sting away of not having a dishwasher

A moose and her calf hanging out in the front yard...

Taking in the sun

All photos from my instagram stream. Follow me @Silverpencils


  1. I live in a mountainous, nature-filled town, as well, but there is something about your little cabin that makes me feel like I'm not quite far enough from civilization. I think I could most definitely live your life quite happily. :)

  2. So envious of where you live, your lifestyle, and of creating for a living, Brandi. I'm still (very lucky! but...) slaving away here the traffic-filled concrete jungle that is SOCA. I can't wait for your posts on how you made your dream possible! You bet I'll be taking notes! :)
    I'm enjoying vicariously--thank you so much for the beautiful pictures!

  3. Gypsy- It's so funny that you say that bc I always thought that you lived in a as mountainous- or eve more of- area that I haha. Well if you're ever down here you'll have to stop by the cabin for some coffee :)

    Kat- Yes it's coming! I'm so sorry I'm totally slacking on that series! I've gotten some areas/ questions that readers want me to address about our move and how we made it happen so if you have any specific ones as well feel free to shoot them over. I've already started working on the 1st post but I'm afraid I won't be able to finish it until my family leaves. So realistically speaking, the first post should go up in no more than 2 weeks- I'm holding myself accountable in writing now :)


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