Around the Cabin

Besides the freezing cold weather we've been having lately, life around the cabin has still been awesome. Here's what I've been up to...

When it gets really snowy, I like to stomp around the yard (the crazy deep snow makes in impossible to do walk any other way) and take pictures of all our pretty surroundings...

Our neighbors were out of town for awhile so Danny fed their horses... and I took pictures of their cute little shaggy faces... I want one... a horse... not a shaggy face

The view from our bedroom one morning when I woke up- the moon totally tricked me into thinking it was still night

We have a great picture window in our family room...  I like to look out and watch the snow fall

Looking out yet another window...

Our neighbor's property is gorgeous. And while Danny was feeding the horses,  I stood under the lamp post looking up at the moon

Christmas Eve Danny & I lunched at a local Mexican food joint and then walked around the town square

The day after Christmas I totally relaxed and did nothing... it was awesome

 I took some pictures of trees...

 And lastly, getting some work done...

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  1. I have to tell you: I live vicariously through your Insta-photos! And, my husband, being very outdoorsy, does now too that I've shared some of your pics and your screenname! We're ready to trade lives! Haha. Beautiful beautiful photos!

  2. Thanks Meag!

    Sara- haha awh thanks! If you're an outdoorsy couple I think you both would love it out here... even if just for a vacation :)


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