A Grateful Wednesday

Today I am restarting the Happiness Trick.

5 things  I'm grateful for today:

1) My dad is coming to visit. He called me the other day to tell me he'd be here tomorrow. I love that even though I moved 16 hours away- he still acts like I live 20 minutes away- cannot wait to see him!

2) The weather! Finally getting some above zero temps... I was beginning to cry frozen tears

3) Wedding season is starting to reemerge. Getting back into the swing of all things bridal is exciting & refreshing.

4) My super amazing husband. He planned for, shopped for, and cooked dinner the last 3 nights- and is planning on doing so the rest of the week... and he's done all the dishes afterwards... I don't know what's gotten into him- but I feel very spoiled

5) All the wildlife we've been seeing lately. Last week alone I saw 3 bull moose, 1 cow (lady moose), 3 elk and a great gray owl- and that was all either in front of our house or in our neighborhood- National Geographic livin :)


  1. Such a great idea! I participated in something similar just before the holidays last year, and it's amazing how shifting your focus to the wonderful parts of life can change how you're feeling in a moment. I hope this project continues to bring you warm fuzzies!!


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