Almost Lost my 'Son'shine

Yesterday started out like any other. Danny went to work. I got the coffee brewing and started my work at home. I'd say the only thing that was different was Maverick. He had more energy than usual and was being the most adorable little dog ever. And I felt terrible because I have a huge order due at the end of the week and I've been working tirelessly to make sure I get it finished on time. So, besides letting him outside a couple times to do his biznass, I had to ignore my energetic pup and promise that Dad would play with him when he got home. 

I even took this cute photo of him and sent it to Danny at work to let him know someone couldn't wait to hang out when he got home.

Danny luckily got home earlier than usual, but a friend was having car trouble and he was headed over to his house to help. I suggested he take Maverick so he could get out of the house. He did and Maverick had a great time over there. They live even more in the trees than we do- but then Maverick took off- most likely after a squirrel or bird (his favorite) and Danny couldn't find him anywhere.

Although we've had Maverick for about 5.5 years, we just started training him off the leash since we have a yard now- not the best timing. Danny searched high and low, through the forest, in almost waist high snow, while in his slippers- calling out and searching for Maverick- nothing.

After over a half hour with no results, he called to let me know the situation- insert worst feeling ever. I love that dog like no other. He was my graduation present to Danny when he graduated from UCI, but he lived with me until we were married. I raised that crazy puppy. I taught him how to sit and stay. He helped comfort me through the loss of both of my grandparents. He's my camping buddy, my protector when Danny's away, my little friend. We call him Maverick, Mavi, Mavi  Doogie, Doogie, and I call him my Sunshine (because even though he's a dog- he's my son)... but I taunt him and say it all teasingly like in Remember the Titans... "Suuunnnnshiiiiinnnneee... Suuunnnnshiiiiinnnneee." Lord help me when I have kids one day.

So Danny not wanting to miss him, kept searching. And I, without a car, stayed home- totally stressing. I printed out pictures, made weather resistant Lost Dog signs, prayed A LOT, and then after about a hour, decided to reach out to social media as well. We live in a small town, and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon has nothing on us. Danny called our local radio station and they were awesome in advertising Mavi's disappearance as well. Jackson is awesome.

I was still worried though. Mavi's terrible around cars and I worried about a car not seeing him on the road with night coming. Or the fact that it's negative temps at night and he'd be freezing in the snow. Or that he hadn't eaten in almost 24 hours now. And that we have crazy wild animals here. My anxiety was out of control and my ugly cry face was popping out randomly.

After over an hour and a half of searching, Danny returned to his friend's house to warm his freezing cold feet, and strategize where they should look next. He was inside the house when he saw Maverick's reflection in one of the windows. Saying he looked haggard is an understatement- out of breath. lethargic, covered in snow, with his fur going every which way. And he's got some serious cuts and scratches . But he's back! My little puppy is back! I am so incredibly thankful to have my "Sonshine" back, on his bed, and next to the fire. I have no idea what he did or where he went, but I like to think it was some sort of Homeward Bound experience where he picked up a sassy cat and an old timer retriever for his short, little adventure.

He has my heart...


  1. How scary!! I'm so glad to hear that he was found.

  2. he is SO CUTE!

    it's never fun when the dogs get out... especially when they stay out for awhile. glad he had the sense to come back!

  3. oh my heart was breaking reading this, even though i knew the happy ending! he is a beautiful dog, and i am so happy that he just needed a little adventure before he found his way back again. smart pup.

  4. I'm so glad he came back! I know exactly how you feel about your "dog-child."

  5. ah! mav! When I saw your tweet yesterday I was so wishing there was something I could do for you, and then felt so relieved when you said he was found. Silly dog, don't worry your mommy like that EVER again.

  6. Thanks so much ladies! Having our pup that's never off the leash lost in the woods was super scary but we are SO HAPPY to have him home... he's gotten a lot of treats... and lectures since then :)

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